New tent!

I am slightly daunted by the fact that instructions on putting it up not only come on an A4 sheet but also as a cartoon strip *and* a video on a usb stick. Though I feel they've missed a trick by not making the usb stick into a firesteel.



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3 responses to “New tent!

  1. Happy New Tent.

    A New Bike too ?? since I last saw you anyway..

    From the Bill Bryson lookalike 😉

  2. I love the caption – “Embrace the Elements”.

    Special instructions obviously tailored for the UK market…

    Happy camping!

  3. Wish me luck with setting it up tomorrow ! (later today, in fact…)

    No new bikes bought recently, but the Triumph is back on the road and I'm still thinking that, fabulous as the BM is, the Triumph is what riding is all about.

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