An outbreak of numptiness?

On 10th June the Public Accounts Committee held an evidence session on Road Safety. I offer for your edification the followign exchange between David Curry MP and Robert Devereaux, Permanent Secretary at the DfT:-

David Curry MP said “About two months ago I was driving up the A1 which, as you know, is a dual carriageway pretty well all the way, and now the roundabouts have been eliminated it is rather easier to drive on, and on these overhead panels they had the words “Think! Bike”. I thought what in God’s name is this about? I am used to having entirely useless information like “Road closed after A367” – I have not got the faintest idea which is the A367. Were they encouraging cyclists to cycle up the dual carriageway of the A1, is that the purpose of those overhead signs, and could we discourage them from saying meaningless things in entirely inappropriate places in future?

Mr Devereux:
It literally means what it says on the tin, “Think! Bike”. “Think! Bike” means do not be blind to the fact that a motorcyclist is one of the things that by and large car drivers do not see when you pull out and you are looking for other cars.

Mr Curry: Why did it not say “Beware of motorcyclists “? Why not use English and say “Beware of motorcyclists ” or “Beware of cyclists”?”

Mr Curry may also be a devotee of the Telegraph’s “Honest John” page, for this Saturday brought the following inquiry from CC of Bath:-

I keep seeing information boards on motorways saying “Think Bike”. Do you know what it means or what we are supposed to do?

Honest John gives good honest advice: “It mwans stay awake and aware and frequently look in your mirrors and all around you for motorbikes or anything else that might overtake you. Be particularly vigilant when pulling out of a side road into a main road.”

Though there aren’t many side roads on the motorway…



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2 responses to “An outbreak of numptiness?

  1. Think once, think twice , think numpty.

  2. Rob

    Well at least David Curry will now think more often about motorcyclist after that meeting. Every CAGE Goblin we help educate is a victory!!

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