Anyone for tea and buns?

I’m catching up with my research for the RBR and would like to reassure the owners of ^^^sudden hacking cough likely to last till October^^^^ that their concern, stated thus:- “After a busy season in 2008 we are ready for 2009. We hope the current economic climate will not deter our visitors” is groundless, as they can look forward to about 250 bikers, at least some of whom will stop for a cream tea.



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3 responses to “Anyone for tea and buns?

  1. Rob

    I wish I could go to the RBR. It really is a dream of mine to get a cycle with a side car. I looked into URALS but have not yet made it happen. I am just to cheap…

  2. chewy

    Sorry, I live in the colonies.

    Cream tea?

  3. A cream tea is a devilish instrument designed to make your leathers fit a bit tighter and your teeth rather sticky. In its finest form, the imbiber will be presented with tea in a pot, at least two scones, possibly with raisins in, a small pot of cream and a small pot of strawberry jam (or real strawberries, in a high-end establishment). Usually there'll be too much scone left at the end of the topping, unless you're sharing one with me, because I don't like tea, cream or strawberries.

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