New wheels

I need to improve my balance. And to stem the great expansion of my hips. And Emmaus offered me these in my exact size for less than a fiver. I don’t see why incompetence should stop me … after all, I survived my week snowboarding (barely…)

Is the pavement afraid? It bloody should be….



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4 responses to “New wheels

  1. Kudos to you for trying roller blades. I am not that brave, the pavement couldn't take it, wait neither could I. I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Take care of your wrists!

  3. Rob

    I have been working for 10 years for the same company and incompetency has not yet stopped me. Go for it and have a ton of fun, just watch out for pot holes!

  4. First outing complete with no broken bones – my main function seems to be to add to the gaeity of the neighbourhood. They're laughing with me not at me…

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