Gravel rash?

As a grade-one tinfoil hat-wearing consipracy theorist, I’ve always assumed that dumping a load of loose chippings on great biking roads the minute the sun comes out is a deliberate tactic by local authorities to get us to go and ride somewhere else. If the threat of a controlled exit into the hedge doesn’t deter, the prospect of dabbing at my spokes with tar remover trying to debond the crust of grey rock that I’ve acquired in the course of my journey is enough to make me change my plans.

However, Northumberland would have us believe that it’s simply a matter of waiting until the roads are warm enough for the tar to stick. Are you convinced?


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One response to “Gravel rash?

  1. Yes. It’s common practice here to lay tar then gravel in the summer and leave it to motorists to embed the gravel into the tar while it’s still sticky. A nightmare if you’re on two wheels.

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