That’s the bike your grandad used to ride…

Wide-eyed child:”Wow!”

Coventry Transport Museum is a place where dads and granddads come to impress small boys with things that go very fast, are very old, or just a bit funny to look at (yes, De Lorean, I’m talking about you!). Potential Biker and I had come to look at the bikes, which were surprisingly hard to find and, when I did find them, seemed to be chained down on steel pallets. The Not-The-Ace Cafe mock-up was quite sweet, but the big sign that said “CCTV in operation” served as a robust reminder that we’re no longer in genteel times when the most controversial topic at the dinner table was whether or not one’s Aunt should be encouraged into Rational Dress.

Just when I’d decided I’d seen it all before, we rounded a corner and I had my own “wow!” moment – Ted Simon’s round-the-world Triumph, casually poised on a podium as if ready to go round again should Mr Simon just say the word. Jupiter’s Travels was the second motorcycle book I bought (from the Oxfam Bookshop in Oxford) and, together with Zen and the Art of…they did a lot to set my biking frame of reference. Nice to know that at the age of nearly-40 I can still get just as excited as a three-year old clutching his sister’s pushchair 🙂


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  1. Dad used to ride a Matchless

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