Thundersprint the Movie

Just a little bit for starters….I’ll do a bit more when I get back from Sweden. (still pondering whether to include the Morris dancers…)



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3 responses to “Thundersprint the Movie

  1. And why not? For some reason Morris Dancing and motorcycles seem to go together. We have several friends that combine the two. Could not get to the Thundersprint ourselves due to other commitments. Look forward to more reports HWL.

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  3. That toseland's a tearaway isn't he!
    Can't see anyone doing that on a GS somehow.
    Glad you and Nikos got to the Thundersprint and it seems to have been as entertaining as 2008.
    I was in Italy btw, enjoying the twisties and scenery of the piedmont, and Tuscany, as well as a damp Mugello for the MotoGP. next year? we'll see.
    Enjoyed the write up though S.

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