Old age is creeping in…

It’s a bank holiday weekend. I could be bagging some landmarks….or I could be planting up this rather nice set of windowbaskets. Sorry.



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6 responses to “Old age is creeping in…

  1. ‘Nice’ is a relative term.

    Bagging landmarks is an absolute.

  2. No such thing as old age creeping in…get out there and kick ass…show them how it’s done…or I’ll come over there and kick your ass.

  3. Which grade of John Innes did you use?
    Sorry must dash – there is some paint drying nearby…

  4. Bank Holiday, It’s bound to rain so gardening is out of the question.

  5. Anonymous

    Do you have a brain?

  6. Old age creeping in…
    That’ll be me then, sorry

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