This is very, very bad news

From MCN:

First new test candidate crashes

“One of the first learner riders to take a new motorcycle test crashed and broke his arm in the middle of the examination.

In a chaotic start to the new test regime, a second candidate crashed while a source at the test site was on the phone to MCN telling us about the earlier accident.

Riding instructor Graham Woodcock blamed both accidents on a ‘swerve manoeuvre’ which candidates must perform at special test centres away from the public highway.
It requires candidates to reach 31mph (50kmh) measured with a speed detector before making a sudden change of direction.

In pouring rain at the Rotherham test centre on Monday, Adam Simpson, the first candidate to take the new test at the site, skidded and crashed while performing the manoeuvre, suffering a broken forearm.

The 27-year-old from Barnsley was taken by ambulance to Rotherham Hospital.

Woodcock said: “He did all the manoeuvres up to the swerve manoeuvre. Then, as he swerved one way and then the other, he basically high-sided.”



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9 responses to “This is very, very bad news

  1. That’s horrible!

    Ride on,

  2. Wonder if the DSA came up with this idea after hearing about swerve tests done in Scandanavia on new cars?
    This test is carried out due to there being wild moose roaming. One model, cannot remember which, failed this test in spectacular fashion by overturning.
    Hope the student is not put off trying again.

  3. Yikes, makes me appreciate our Team Oregon MSF course here. We had a swerve test in ours but I don’t think it was at that speed.

    Of course that doesn’t mean I didn’t low side it in the emergency stop training in the pouring rain. oops.

    I sincerely hope he gets right back on when his arm heals.

  4. …especially after the DSA continually moved the start date for the new test as the new centres weren’t ready. Another farce in the making? Definitely seems as if someone is trying their best to discourage new bikers.

  5. It was the Infamous A-class that failed the Elk test as it is called in Scandanavia. It was a shame really. But this 50kph swerving in the rain for a beginner sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. The driving test in the US is a one direction change at a minimum of 17mph. Switching directions again is asking for too much really. Poor sod, hope his hand heals good, and he passes that test. And as for india where i come from, swerve test?? what’s that? As long as you missed the cow on the way to the test centre, you’ve passed it. 🙂 🙂

  6. The more I think about this the angrier I get. The DSA has had a 6-month delay to get this right and were told by trainers and other knowledgeable people that these manouvres were very challenging on a 125cc bike. I’m an evangelist for riding – I think it’s brilliant and I want all my friends to do it – but can I now, in all good consience, encourage my friends to put themselves up for this? Maybe the conspiracy theorists are right and the whole idea of this is to make potential riders shrug their shoulders and say, OK, I’ll stick to the car.

  7. Has this been going on in Europe too?

  8. I don’t think the Europeans implemented this with quite the same gusto as the DSA…

  9. Anonymous

    Absolute madness. Do cars have to do a swerve test to avoid bikes? No.
    On 125 tyres, 30+mph where a swerve is anticipated (e.g. on a high street) in the wet, is too fast! What are they teaching new riders?
    I’m with you – telling my friends to go take their test is now something I am going to have to think hard about.

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