In praise of the motorcycle taxi

Jon Snow writes: “Being budget day, I had to scoot out there [to a friend’s funeral] on a motorbike taxi – a remarkable invention that ought by now to have caught on. It’s allowed in bus lanes and means, for example, that a 35-minute taxi journey from my office to the Kensal Green crematorium was executed in 16 minutes.I would never want to be at the front end of the thing, but I love being a passenger.”

The survival of the limobike is not guaranteed – The Powers That Be had a go at legislating to rule that taxis must have 4 wheels (I think in an attempt to see off pedicabs) – so it’s good to see high-profile supporters like Snow making themselves known. Also as a well-known cyclist it’s good to note Mr Snow has no objection to bikes in bus lanes!

(PS – I picked this up through twitter, am I a proper geek now?)



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5 responses to “In praise of the motorcycle taxi

  1. I’ve never seen anythng like a motorbike taxi on this side of the Pond, but I sure wish they’d catch on here.

    I think it would be a great way to get from point A to point B when the need arises.

    Let’s hope the legislature doesn’t ever institute that 4 wheel rule.

  2. This is old.

    They’ve had bike taxis in Nigeria for a while. Featured on BBC World. I’ll find the link.

    Nigeria is, of course, one step from Zimbabwe.

  3. These have been around forever here in Goa, India. Never been on one but ‘Not so cheap’ THRILLS and note: No helmet required 😉

  4. I see the Limo-bikes most days because there seems to be a good circuit from Canary Warf to the City.

    I seem to remember they were called Taxi-Bikes when introduced, but the LTDA objected in case anyone mistook a big red and blue Pan or Yam FJR 1300 for a ratty old FX4 !

    The riders I think are all ex Bill, or to a similar standard, and they really can do the no-foot ninja routine down pat.

  5. Most taxi drivers are friendly and willing to converse with you concerning something thus you will always have somebody to speak along your journey.
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