Gentlemen, start your engines

I’ve moaned a lot about having moved away from London, but I have found the one (OK, there might be more than one but this is today’s) advantage – for the first time ever, I’ve been able to leave work on Day 1 of the RBR, bag a LM and get home in time for tea. In fact, if I’d been less tubby I could have had tea in the fine-looking hostelry just down the road but I have had to swear off chips for a bit otherwise I’ll be buying new riding gear in a more comfortable size. Planning is not my forte at the moment, I left the Zumo in the car, and my baglux map case is still at my dad’s having been removed by Phil the BMW repair man last summer – so I had to try my own MemoryMap and returned to my traditional chant of “have I gone too far? I’d better turn round. No, hang on, I think this is OK…no, I’ve gone too far. I’d better turn into this road and turn round. Oh look – this is the right road. Wonder if the camera’s going to work today?” Yes, there is a reason I don’t ride with an ipod in – it’s noisy enough in my head already.



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2 responses to “Gentlemen, start your engines

  1. It may take me a while to work out what most of that means…

  2. That reminds me – I found some nice definitions of the stages of being lost – watch my blog….

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