Small joys

I went to Malvern last night to Wait for Godot. I’m saddened to discover that I am such an intellectual lightweight that despite Gandalf and Jean-Luc Picard giving it their all, I fell asleep not once but twice, and thus missed Simon Callow entirely. But all was not lost, because this morning the Malvern Hills were mist-wrapped and beautiful, it was cool but not chilly, and I wished that I was riding rather further than Clarks of Lickey to finally get my fuel gauge fixed.

That was the first small joy.

The second small joy arrived at 5pm when I set off home again with a new visor – being able to see really does make this motorcycle lark so much more fun…

Apparently a BMW helmet is guaranteed for 2 years, so if I can find the receipt I can claim a free visor. I knew I had a blog post about it,but doubted that would suffice as proof of purchase. So the third small joy came at around 6pm when I looked in my bike file and found the paperwork. Being OCD sometimes has its advantages!

PS – This week’s loan bike was small but not a joy, the new 650GS has a seat as hard as Samuel Beckett’s prose at a height which made me feel like a frog on a matchbox.



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4 responses to “Small joys

  1. I remember a BBC TV production of “Waiting..”.Supposedly a gala production but like yourself I did not last the pace.I still wonder after fifty years what it was all about!

  2. I think we have to wait to find out 😉

  3. Almost the same experience, differernt genre. Having read ‘The Name of the Rose’ I thought now i was a grown up I should try one of his other books, in my case Foucalt’s Pendulum, I got maybe 80 pages in then lost the will to live. Scoll forward 15-20 years to last summer, when I thought I would give it another go, reached page 50 this time. Oh well! back to: The Fellowship of the Ring, Magician. and Shard’s of Honour !

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