I have in my hand a piece of paper….

I was determined that I wasn’t going to bid for one of Graham’s memory sticks with the 2009 LM list on – 2 reasons: firstly, it feels a little bit like getting an unfair advantage, and mainly, because I’m rubbish at keeping secrets. It’s not my fault, it’s genetic – Hairy Harry, my A-level English teacher, used to challenge us to name the three mass communication devices of the 20th Century: telephone, telegraph, and tell-a-woman.

But my curosity is stronger than my principles, and here I am with one plugged into my mac, and a sneak preview (see – even the english language regards previews as a bad thing) rolling out of the printer.

The first peek at the list is like coming downstairs on Christmas morning and examing the shape, rattle and heft of your presents to see if you know what any of them are before you’re allowed to open them properly (I’m told other families were allowed to get stuck in more or less as soon as they woke up. As Highwayteen I had to wait for my sister to get up, have a cup of tea, have a shower, wash her hair, dry her hair……but I’m not bitter 😉

In big red letters it says here “Please note that any person that publishes or allows to be published by any medium the current year’s landmarks before the end of the rally will be liable to disqualification.” So I have to be very careful in expressing my happiness, but my first look at the list tells me that it includes the venue of my sister’s wedding – which I would have photos of myself at on a bike already were it not for the fact that I crashed on the way to it trying to brake for another LM I’d just sailed stright past (and I use sailed advisedly given the weather at the time); and that while bagging another LM I will have the opportunity to buy some rather wonderful 4-ply sock wool.

I hope that’s cryptic enough – would be a shame to get disqualified before I’d even started (!) It looks like we are all in for another fantastic tour of Britain.



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5 responses to “I have in my hand a piece of paper….

  1. Even if you had the photo HWL, I would love to see how you get the Control Card on it!Only 2 more weeks, and counting, of Cabin Fever for me. Fink I’m going to make it.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes you are being watched more than you realise

  3. I know I’m being watched, that’s why I feel guilty all the time!

  4. Pritt stick eh, Bet you would be stuck without it! Now there’s a paradox.I don’t know, get a head start on us and feel paranoid. Will you be able to leave home without looking over your shoulder?

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