confiteor deo omnipotenti

Last night the snow fell. I looked out of the window and could enjoy the sight of it, glittering in the sodium lights, tracked by next-door’s dog, happy in the knowledge that this morning I would be driving to work in my little blue box. This morning the snow was falling harder, great big wet white flakes of it, blanketing the breadth of the dual carriageway and making even the A14 a thing of beauty. I drove my car, I turned on the windscreen wipers to clear the snow from my vision, I turned up the heater so I wouldn’t get too cold, and I drank my coffee that I had stored safely in the cup-holder. I did get stuck in a little queue. But I felt it a fair exchange.




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5 responses to “confiteor deo omnipotenti

  1. Rig

    Nothing to be sorry about, at least you got to work safely.I on the other hand, despite having a car as well as the bike couldn’t even got out of the small village I live in so I decided to work from home, the only problem is that my wife is baking and I keep eating all the cakes!

  2. Anonymous

    Is the bike up for sale now then?El D

  3. Four wheels definately better than two today. Added bonus as Boris dropped the congestion charge down in London today. Not that it helped out in the Midlands!

  4. Thanks for the absolution 🙂The bike(s) are staying with me too – selling would be wrong!It would have been great to be frolicking in the capital’s snowy chaos – but I’m glad I wasn’t trying to get to work in London today…!

  5. chewy

    The U.K. gets 6 inches of snow and shuts down. Woof.Come and see me in Minnesota U.S. A. and I will show you some snow, only here we like it. Nothing like blasting 70 MPH over a frozen lake.

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