Ruby through the looking glass

Having filled up earlier this evening with 19.5 litres, the yellow low-fuel triangle is now glowing at me. I'm hoping that this topsy-turvy approach doesn't extend to seeking to ride shiny-side down: a hope which reached its most fervent expression at about 9.30am this morning when the reason for the sign which says “when flooded, ford may be impassable,” (hitherto regarded by me as a quaint provincial ornament), was in full, brown, frothy spate. I eyed it nervously and the man in the bathstore van on the other side flashed his lights enticingly. Reasoning that, as a plumber, he might be good at rescuing things which float off, I gave it cautious welly and emerged on the far side with wet knees and a sense of achievement. Thus disproving the belief that today is the most depressing day of th year. Sign me up to the Optimists Society!



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2 responses to “Ruby through the looking glass

  1. Anonymous

    good practice for the 2009 RBR?

  2. Maybe the ‘Bathstore Man’ wanted some cheering up on the way to his employment, and was waiting/hoping to burst into laughter as you failed miserably to negotiate said spate.Confidence growing eh????

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