The Great Escape

Happy New Year! It’s the holidays so it must be time to watch The Great Escape. Steve McQueen has just acquired his motorcycle by stretching wire across the road and downing a Nazi despatch rider. Unlike my unplanned bike/tarmac interactions, Steve’s bike seeems to keep all its pointy bits and remain rideable. Maybe they built them more robustly in 1944…

Steve McQueen, on his Triumph, heading for the border, is such an iconic image of motorcycling, but it’s a bit of a mixed message when you think about it – middle aged man finds motorcycle provides an illusory sense of freedom…

I like the way he pats the bike’s tank after crashing it into the wire – an apology for asking it to do more than it could.



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2 responses to “The Great Escape

  1. Maybe next year he will clear the fence. I know I keep willing him on.Happy New Year HWL and hope to see you at the ARSE.

  2. In 1944 the footrests were made of iron so provided a solid pivot and prevented much further damage. Most other pointy bits were considerably less prone to bending or breaking than todays lightweight fittings. Now, which ARSE is Ted referring to, as i know of one in Scotland in may but i have a feeling it’s not the same one.

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