Did I miss the Four Minute Warning?

In the light of the weather conditions, I offer you this helpful advice from the BBC.



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3 responses to “Did I miss the Four Minute Warning?

  1. Them’s were the days.I was part of our ‘Nuclear deterrent’ for awhile back in the day, and we only got about 2 mins 45 seconds before turning warm and crispy! so you lot could live for an extra 1 min 15 seconds!Now that’s real Altruism for you!

  2. No you did not miss it you were just a twinkle in someone’s eye when that was issued, I along with Jim was doing my bit for Queen and country thankfully I managed to avoid a posting to Christmas Island were all the testing was going on

  3. jonsan

    Last Winter a friend of mine had a spill one similar frosty Sunday morning, his “new” BMW GS ended up being parked in a hedge, he broke his leg, And the punchline: “He was on the way to Advanced Rider Training!”

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