Scares the hell out of me…

At the third attempt I finally got to see the Wall of Death show at the NEC. I know they do it five times a day, and have been doing it for years, but I still find it utterly terrifying to watch. The hippos on the BBC One ident might be CGI but the three bikes circling the wall at the same time are 100% real.

PS – if another post about this turns up later, I haven’t gone mad – my mobile posts seem to be taking the scenic route.



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2 responses to “Scares the hell out of me…

  1. We met up with one of the team members at Long Eaton’s Chestnut Fair a couple of weeks ago and spent some time chatting.Ken Fox has published a book called Step Inside Now, Step Inside, giving an insight to his life on the road and on the wall. He has also taken a steam bike onto the wall!!A worthwhile purchase for £5, get one while you can.

  2. Me and the wife went to the Bike show, i did not get to see the Wall of Death but we did go and see the Thunder Dome thingy showhere is a link to a video i did showing 3 riders in the thunderdome now thats scary < HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>

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