Still scavenging the web, I’m afraid

Ever seen those motivational posters (you know – “There’s no I in TEAM”, that sort of thing) and thought you could do better? This guy did.



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4 responses to “Still scavenging the web, I’m afraid

  1. Your best post <>ever<>. I am going to use some of those pics.Oh, but… surely some of them aren't wearing appropriate clothing?Health & Safety speaks.

  2. I was using the “Work” one as my PC wallpapr all last year. Now switched to pic of my new bike. :o)Sad, but true

  3. lovely post.. some of the pictures talk more than just a few words.. DPs : stumbled to your blog from jangle…

  4. Hi Mustang! Thanks for visiting. For the avoidance of doubt, all credit for the pics is due to a Philadephia < HREF="" REL="nofollow"> BMW Owners Club<> – I am just the medium, not the message on this occasion 🙂

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