Stereotypes vs Role Models

2 sorts of bikers in the press at the moment – the Outlaws on trial for shooting Gerry Tobin on his way home from the Bulldog Bash last year, and William and Harry Wales, doing Enduro Africa to raise money for UNICEF, Nelson Mandela’s charity, and Sentebale, Harry’s Lesotho-based charity. In terms of positive role models, do the Royals eclipse Ewan and Charley? Wonder if they also light their farts….



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5 responses to “Stereotypes vs Role Models

  1. Royals don’t have the option to enjoy this (potentially) dangerous but amusing pastime, because they don’t Fart, they have ‘a man’ to do that!

  2. Great line at parties – “and what do you do?”“I’m the royal flatulence igniter”

  3. Anonymous

    HWL, go for that marriage offer – think of the advantages; cheap petrol, thousands of miles of good biking roads and that Turk fellow sounds quite likeable. If he beats you, just come home again – what have you got to lose? El D

  4. Anonymous

    Beware of a Turk bearing gifts…

  5. HWL: a simple logic statement to determine the answer to your question about the Young Princes: A: Are the Young Royals men? B: Men Light Fartsif A=Yes, then B. it’s really that simple. by the way, i doubt seriously that this is a proper logic statement, but i don’t really know what i’m doing.

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