Motorcycling in theory

If you find yourself with 10 minutes to spare, and fancy a bit of ritual humiliation, see if you can pass the theory test .

I got 42 instead of the necessary 43, and should therefore hang up my helmet 😦



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6 responses to “Motorcycling in theory

  1. yeah, i didn’t do so well, but then again, i’m in the US and your strange customs and signs mean nothing to me. green flashing lights on a doctor’s car? weird.

  2. They want your details <>before<> the test! If I do this they will revoke my license!!

  3. Anonymous

    41 from Australia – both first aid questions wrong…50 compressions rather than 100 and cooling burns for 5 minutes instead of 10. Don’t get medical attention from me! I also didn’t understand the stunt rider road sign – motor bike jumping a london cab???

  4. Rig

    Great find!I managed to get 43 but a few of the answers were guesses.

  5. OMG….do you really signal with the right hand to pedestrians at zebra crossings? The DSA experts have obviously never riden a boxer twin.I’m not revealing my score – I have had enough humiliation this week thank you so much.

  6. Second test – no first aid questions so I can now retrieve my helmet from the wheely bin (we have these things in Cheshire) 45/45 way hay

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