Correct Form for Filtering

Going for a slightly overambitious gap on the A1 this morning, I tipped someone’s wing mirror (only a tiny bit – ususally there’s tons of room, Ruby’s mirrors are well above car height and just below van height. Sadly there’s a make of 4×4 whose mirrors are exactly the same level above the tarmac…)

What’s the best course of action after such an event? I have been prone to stopping and putting it back, but a very irate man near Finsbury Park gave me the impression that he would much prefer that I ceased adding insult to injury. So this morning I pretended not to noticed and carried serenely on. Which feels a little wrong.



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6 responses to “Correct Form for Filtering

  1. El Diente

    To me, you did the right thing. The potential hassle of dealing with an irate driver is something you don’t need – and all London car drivers hate motorcyclists anyway, so you couldn’t make the situation worse.

  2. My advice would be don’t mention it on the DT blog!

  3. As an IAM Associate who is clean in thought,word and deed, you should not only stop to pick up the wing mirror pod, but you should carry T-Cut amongst all those panniers to polish out and collision marks before you refit it.But as a London Rider, look back to make sure he can’t follow you then flip the bird and Golf, Lima Foxtrot

  4. Good advice 🙂 I also won’t be mentioning my second greetings card from Westminster Council, this one with a lovely photo inside. Last Tuesday has turned out to be a rather expensive day.

  5. Clearly his fault for driving an unnecesarily large vehicle obviously poorly designed so that a mirror/mirror clash could happen. I’m sure you were doing absolutely nothing wrong. Also, if he can afford one of those he can mend his own mirror. I’m in favour of a quick wave, and rapid departure.

  6. Clarky:Better a rapid departure and then a quick wave…sorry to be pedantic.

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