Is there a biking gene?

Lots of coverage today of research commissioned by, suggesting that “unfashionable hobbies” are a “genetic inevitability.” They cite trainspotting and morris dancing, but I’d like to argue that there must be a biker gene too – I got my licence in 1996, swiftly followed by my sister, and last year my brother also passed his test (in Australia…at least he's getting some sunshine.) Which suggests a new way to increase the numbers of riders in the UK. The French government give tax breaks and rent rebates to couples who have more than three children. So what we need is a programme of incentives to breed the next generation of genetically pre-destined bikers….I’m giving this some thought, there’s got to be something more attractive than free maternity leathers…



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5 responses to “Is there a biking gene?

  1. Anonymous

    HWL, I’ve been reading your blogs for a while and thoroughly enjoy them. I’m not sure how to do all the new-fangled stuff like linking to your site..but anyway I wondered what model your Triumph is, it’s a bit hard to tell in the photo. Do you still enjoy it after riding Ruby?It’s been good seeing the comments increasing on Erin’s blog since you started sharing – somehow you’ve got us all fired up. Great stuff, thanks, El Diente.

  2. i hope there’s a biking gene. i’m trying to instill love of bikes into my 5 mo son but Mrs Nut is against it. we’ll see who wins (probably her).

  3. Anonymous

    I think you’ll find that if you read the article you link to, it’s (rather than ancestry) that published the research. 😉Thinking about it, it’s unlikely that there’s a direct link between hogs and your dim-distant ancestors (given how long bikes have been around) but if you research your family history, perhaps you’d find some jousters, postillions, knights or other antediluvian speed freaks….

  4. Hi El Diente, Thanks for visiting! The Triumph is an Adventurer, it’s a special edition of the Thunderbird which I think was intended for the US market – lots of extra chrome! I still think it’s a lovely bike, I’m hoping for a run this weekend, if I can get over the feeling of being lower than a snake’s belly…Good luck with the campaign, WingNut – maybe buy one of those fab kiddimotos to get him started 🙂And thanks for the correction on the research – it was attributed to ancestry in the article I read, so apologies to all for the mistake.

  5. If there is such a thing as a biking gene, then I fear it is more likely that the elf and safety Trolls, will take the Swedish road safety approach to force birth control Tabs to the carriers in order to the reduce our numbers still further !

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