How many miles to my mink?

Slightly off-topic but when you watch late-night telly waiting for the smutfest which is the olympic men’s diving to come back on, you learn interesting things. During “Kill it, Skin it, Wear it” Merrilees Parker asked Scandinavian mink farmers what happens to the insides of the mink once it’s been skinned. The bodies go to become bonemeal fertiliser, he said, and the fat goes into biodiesel.

Not looking so environmentally friendly now!


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One response to “How many miles to my mink?

  1. Blimey!I bet you don’t get many Miles to the gallon from a mink, they all look pretty sort of fit to me and they eat healthy as well, and anyway, we shouldn’t wear fur from lots of small animals, not when you can get a whole shell-suit off of one ‘crylic’ (well it does say “made of Acrylic” on the label!?)

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