You just ask them…

KWH has been trying to educate me over at Telegraph Towers on the art of the journalistic blag. But I have a long way to go compared to Sian Williams from BBC Breakfast News, who is off this morning to Brands Hatch for a few laps pillion with James Toseland. She talked him into this when he was on the programme on 18th June (I was watching in a hotel after travelling to Glasgow for the Def Leppard gig) as part of the MotoGP build up – a firm declaration of how much she loved riding pillion quickly followed by acceptance of his offer (quite possibly before he made it, I’m not quite sure!) I’m taking notes…



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5 responses to “You just ask them…

  1. Anonymous

    Interesting position of the word “quickly”.Does she like to ride pillion at a fast speed and then without hesitation she accepted the offer?

  2. Feel free to imagine a comma before quickly if that helps…

  3. I’m only writing about it, not getting a firm grasp of Mr T! (sadly..)

  4. Regrettably, because of the tragic death of Craig Jones in the very early hours of yesterday morning after his horrific WSS get-off at Clearways on Sunday, it didn’t actually happen yesterday after all.It has been postponed until later in the year – my guess is that it might happen at Donington WSB…

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