It’s a wide world

I think I deserve a special prize for not just riding to work once today but actually doing it twice, once at actual going to work time and then again in the evening after a late recall. Which, unexpectedly, turned an OK day into a great one.

Riding to work isn’t as exciting as it used to be. The first time I did it I crashed on the way home, (distracted by totty); then I tried to ride into London before I lived here, was terrified, couldn’t filter and had to park the bike in the car park of the Finchley Road Sainsbury’s and finish the trip by tube. These days, while I’m in no way complacent about the madness of riding in the capital, I gird my loins, prepare my steely gaze and join the daily demonstration of Darwinian selection, so being rewarded for it with a free breakfast at Metropolis in Vauxhall seems a bit of a con.

On the (first) trip home I was overtaken by a DHL courier whose top box sticker announced “God has plans for you.” At the time it seemed that God’s plans included a strong chance of me getting squished between a bendy bus and a bin lorry, but I evaded my religious destiny and lived to meet up with 2 old friends over a pint and a south indian curry. It turned out God’s plans were actually to bring together two hitherto totally separate parts of my life. While one of my friends is a mountain biker the other saw the light in 2005 and took his bike test (hotly dissuaded by his partner.) We swopped tall tales, and showed each other photos of our prides and joy (me: Ruby Thursday and the Adventurer with no name; him: Triumph Sprint ST); I showed off my Crowtree jacket (and was told that they have retired, I hope that’s not true!) and about halfway through the evening he said “As Tony Sleep said the other day” and I said


And it turned out that my old friend, who I haven’t seen for 15 years, not only is a biker but is a cix_biker and member of Team Waste. As I was in the late 1990s. I keep thinking I’ve written about them on here, but searching for a post to link to, I find I haven’t. So I leave that treat in store for a week when I have no riding to write about. And in the meantime I will think about how wonderful it is not just to catch up with old friends but to find out that they know your other old friends too. The world is bound together by bikers!


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