No surprises

“A band of rain heading from London towards East Anglia”

and underneath it, me, riding towards Interphone National Rally checkpoints at Stevenage, Sawston, and Bury St Edmunds…

More later – it has been an exciting week, Dan Walsh’s book arrived (it’s every bit as good as I hoped, I’m being strict with myself and only reading a little bit at a time, otherwise, like Christmas, it will be over far too fast), and I have finally entered the modern age of navigation, which meant I got to play with spanners fitting all the bits onto Ruby. The satnav also lived up to expectations by taking me into London via Regent Street (choked with buses and lemmingpeds) and then trying to send me the wrong way up a one way street. Maybe it thought I was a CTC member πŸ™‚



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3 responses to “No surprises

  1. Rio

    I love my satnav. I call her Pippa as she’s quite well-spoken. She does tend to get frustrated with my inability to make turns when warned to, mind. She gets increasingly more sniffy when saying ‘recalculating’, or is that my imagination?

  2. Graham Clark

    Sheila,Good to see you’ve joined the zumologists. To avoid motorways go into settings and navigation where you’ll find options to avoid inter alia Highways and Autobahns. (never had a problem with the latter though). It’s often more fun to set it to find the shortest route too but be prepared for goat tracks and the like, specially in the sticks. It’ll take you places you never knew existed!I see you were you in Wokingham and didn’t let me know 😦 I might have put the kettle on for you… πŸ™‚

  3. It was more a drive-by than a visit – I would have needed the tea to go (I’m sure I’ve seen a cup-holder in the Touratch catalogue πŸ™‚

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