For this relief, much thanks

My AGV Ti-tech and I have been locked in a war of attrition since I bought it 3 years ago at the Ally Pally show. Like a pair of irresponsible but desirable shoes, it fitted fine in the shop but as soon as I got it home it started to pinch. £220 is a lot to write off, so I persevered, thinking that sooner or later either the lid lining would bend into the shape of my head, or, like a member of one of those tribes that practises head-binding, my head would re-emerge in a similar shape to Valentio Rossi’s. Neither outcome has manifested, in favour of me just getting a blinding headache after about 30 minutes. You can’t get very far in 30 minutes and a bright red forehead is not a good look on arrival. But, as I hate buying lids almost as much as I hate buying shoes, I’ve stuck with it for fear of replacing one expensive mistake with another. And for fear of getting my head stuck while trying on, which also happened at the Ally Pally show, at the Dainese shop.

But this year is about facing fears and dealing with them, so, yesterday, poked a little by the Midnight Mud Westler, I gave in and bought a new lid with a pointier headspace. And it’s lovely.

PS. Speaking of fears, I’m assured it’s not a track day, it’s a training day. I shall mostly be wearing borrowed leathers which make me look like an East German shotputter.



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6 responses to “For this relief, much thanks

  1. You might get to like it! In which case, I have a couple of sets of one-piece race leathers in miscellaneous sizes (nowhere near my size) that were bought on Ebay on the ‘How much? At that price I’ll put in a silly bid and if i win them it will be such an amazing bargain that I cannot afford not to!’ principle. Obviously, being blokes sizes, in both cases it will help immensely if you don’t have any hips. Or breasts.Actually, they may well be fine, and they are absolutely top quality kit, all be it both sets in hideously unfashionable colours. One set are yours for the price of a decent curry down at the local indian, if either of them should happen to fit you…

  2. I hope that the new lid has a SHARP 5 star rating?Mine managed a measly 3 stars but is megger comfy!

  3. A trip to Wales is sounding more and more vital! While I am more than adequatly provided in the hips department, only thanks to the magic of Her Majesty’s corsettiers Ribgy and Peller do I have anything approaching a rack.Sadly SHARP ratings were less influential than the fit…

  4. Honda90

    I know the feeling! I’m still wearing my five year old, battered Shoei Raid, which was comfy from the start. The BMW helmet I bought to replace it makes my neck ache, as it’s so difficult to get on and off.I wonder how much money is wasted on buying kit that turns out to be not quite right? I bet that 20% or so sits in cupboards, unloved.The trouble is, when you do find something great, the manufacturers stop making it, or ‘improve’ it, so that the search for the Holy Grail of biking kit starts all over again.

  5. You’re so right, Honda90! New kit is never as comfy as old kit 😦 I’m really struggling to find gloves that I like to replace a great pair of Akito gloves, the only reason I’ve had to stop wearing them is that after being rained on and sweated in for the best part of a decade they stink 😦

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