Time for HRT?

Once again I blunder into something slightly beyond my comfort zone….the symptoms are hot flush, anxiety and night terrors, and later tonight I plan to treat them with some very loud heavy metal. While advancing age and hormonal confusion may have something to do with it, mainly it’s just ineptitude – an email arrived from the ringjunkies, proclaiming a great deal from Martin Hopp, and I need some R & R at the moment, so I checked the date, rang up, gave my credit card details and booked myself onto the Better Riding day. Then I read the email properly. I thought I was booking the much-recommended Advanced Machine Skills day, to improve my slow speed riding and confidence. What I’ve actually booked is a track day.


I have been round Cadwell Park once before – in 1996, with cix_bikers, two days after passing my test. Not so much difference between a Kawasaki KH100 and a Cadbury Yamaha race bike, when you think about it. And looking on the bright side, it only took about a week to relax again afterwards.

And Martin’s website says lots of reassuring things about being good for novices, the nervous, and those who “have been to a track day and came away frightened”. One day I’m going to find an activity in which anxiety and stress are advantages, because then I’m going to bloody excel.



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6 responses to “Time for HRT?

  1. Nah, you’ll have a great time. Although you’ll need to book a hotel locally – Cadwell is a PITA to get to from South East England, and you want to be well rested before you hit the track.Enjoy :-).PS: You may also be knackered afterwards, so budget for the <>possibility<> that you might want to stop at a Travel Lodge on the way home and crash…PPS: Check the kit requirements – and break out your armoured full-length-zip together leathers, even if they aren’t strictly required…PPPS: The GS is surprisingly competent on a track!PPPPS: The Gooseneck. I crashed there – on the same track school you went on all those years ago – and that paradoxically saved my life: the crash on the way up there and then that one convinced me I didn’t know WTF I was doing and convinced me to sort my riding out :-). I went back a few years ago on a rider skills day – sounds similar to what you are doing – and slayed the dragon nicely. Cadwell is lovely :-). I wrote up both visits: The first one (this one NSFW – language!) http://www.cix.co.uk/~kwh/page15.htmThe second visit, four years later:http://www.cix.co.uk/~kwh/page31.htm

  2. PPS is going to cause a problem…while I have Crowtree jacket and trousers, they don’t zip together. Going to try and squeeze myself into a borrowed pair on Thursday – volunteers to bring the shoehorn will be appreciated!

  3. I missed this…Are you sorted for leathers now? I assume you haven’t done Cadwell yet because you haven’t blogged about it, but if you would like a set of one-piece track day leathers then I can oblige for beer money (which is all they cost me) – I have a couple of sets here in random sizes that I picked up from Fleabay on the ‘Ooh, what a bargain!’ principle…

  4. I look like an East German shotputter but I have managed to get into the borrowed leathers…but I would like to try your ebay bargains πŸ™‚

  5. When should I expect your visitation?

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