The club for me…

Preparing for the 6 points, I’ve taken the slightly terrifying step of joining the Campaing and Caravanning Club. They wrote today to tell me about their special interest groups – and there’s one with my name on it: The Association of Lightweight Campers

On further inspection it is sadly not for those people who would like to camp only when the sun is shining and within easy reach of a fine espresso, but only for those who don’t own trailer tents.


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4 responses to “The club for me…

  1. 6 Points?Has madamme been a naughty girl and incurred the wrath of our fine and fair motoring ‘justice’ system?

  2. Re the AGM change in venue – Please pass on my sympathies to Mary about the fire in the village hall……

  3. My three points for speeding round Leicester are about to drop off, and, touch wood, I haven’t passed any suspicious looking horse boxes recently – the 6 points in question are these 🙂

  4. How cool is that!I remember, many years ago, reading about your first nervous, hyperventilating trip up to the Pennines on your then brand new Adventurer. I bet then if somebody had told you that you’d one day be blithely circumnavigating the entire UK in a weekend just for fun on the big BMW GS Boxer, you wouldn’t have believed them! When is it all happening?

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