A blatant plug for the good guys…

One of the more interesting emails I got at work today:-

“The email address on which you are receiving this note was in the contact list of Simon Milward which he compiled during his round the world motorcycle trip called the Millennium Ride during 2000-2005

We thought you would like to know that Simon’s work and vision is being continued by an organisation called Motorcycle Outreach which supports the use of motorcycles in healthcare delivery in developing countries. Motorcycle Outreach is a registered UK Charity set up and run by Simon’s friends and family after his death in 2005.

Currently Motorcycle Outreach supports the Health for All (HfA) project on the island of Flores in Indonesia. HfA motorcycles are used by Health Ministry workers to take primary health services to a population of 55,000 in 55 villages in the area. HfA continues to implement a system of Transport Resource Management (TRM) specifically providing zero-breakdown motorcycles for rural health deliveries. This includes vaccines for children, maternal and child health care, and treatment for tuberculosis, malaria and STD-HIV/AIDS.

We would very much appreciate your continued support. The project costs approximately £7,000 per year to run and our income is limited because we are not a large charity. If you would like to make a donation, however small, it is possible to do this in any currency via PayPal or the Charities Aid Foundation from our website.

You will find further information here about the work that we do, along with contact details. Do please pass our details on to your friends and contacts who may be interested in the work we are doing to continue Simon’s dream.


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