Sunday Riding

The power! Sitting opposite a junction pointing firmly right, wiggling gently (give us some movement, they said. Makes you easier to see), while 19 bikes follow my finger. Truly they say with great power comes great responsibility – if I get bored, tired or confused and point the wrong way, Pete the ride leader will find himself suddenly riding alone…

Dropping bikers by the side of the road is the secret of the Marker System, used on IAM Group Rideouts – and I had to join in when it was my turn to get firmly directed by a sweep of Pete’s arm. Anxious the first time, blase the second.

My riding is done solo (RBR or commuting), in a pair with my sister, or as one of a cast of thousands (Kill Spills) so to ride with a group of 20 was a new experience and huge fun. Pete took us round the back lanes and peaceful parts of East Anglia, not forgetting stops for food and water at the World Famous Comfort Cafe and at Finchingfield (coffees all round to thaw out after the hail). Ruby got to meet some other GSs but remained serene in the knowledge that she has the gnarliest panniers, now covered in cack (must try and find a hugger!).



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4 responses to “Sunday Riding

  1. You never ride alone:-< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Riding Alone?<>

  2. LOL! Maybe the car-sharing movement need to resurrect this as a slogan!

  3. …I thought a substituted picture of Kuddly Ken Leninspart might be a suitable update for 2008. (Probably more PC for the folk of Finchley too)

  4. Sitting on to of a GS how much more visible do you need to be ? As a point of style, the Superman, head down arm out straight along the line of intended direction, is also quite eye catching.The real fun comes in busy Sundays in biking roads when serveral different rides are out. You hear a bike and wave your arm around whether they belong to you or not. I managed to send several innocent HOG riders entirely the wrong way by mistaking them for my ride-out and waving like a loon as they came up to the junction !If all else fails blame the Sat Nav

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