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Beautiful sunny day, not really in the mood to ride but it made a nice change not to be rained on as I trekked across London in search of the A23 south – Metal Mule are very scenically located just short of Brighton. I was tempted to whip down to the coast after the mules were expertly fitted for me by Paul Goulding – glad I didn’t try it myself, it’s a complex job involving taking off the BMW rack, but re-using some of the bolts, using different spacers to get a good fit and then tightening everything up good and proper – but it was just a bit too chilly for seaside adventures.

Here’s the result – this is my second attempt at getting a picture, the first attempt ended with Ruby testing out her Touratech crash bars 😦



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11 responses to “Check out my rack

  1. This is getting spooky – Frank Melling posts this on the day that you display the “rack” (?),AND he has just been visiting the sites and sights of London!!“…..She: battered mx boots, frayed jacket and scarred leather pants. The bike: last cleaned on the day it went through its pdi; scraped crash bars covered in paint streaks (I wonder why?), oil caked swinging arm and top box the size of a small skip….”The thick plottens

  2. hur hur…nice rack! sorry, just had to. it is quite nice, however! hope you get lots of use out your new bags!

  3. Sadly I had to give the mx boots back before they got suitably gnarly, but the german paratroop boots are good and intimidating 🙂Thanks for joining me in my Beavis and Butthead moment, Wingnut 😉

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  5. The Metal Mule kit looks really nice on your 1200.I looked at it and opted for the much cheaper Touratech Zega gear. Have to start getting out and about to amass some “I’ve been everywhere” stickers!

  6. Mmmm… nice rack!I see what you mean about that tankbag – the BMW one is far better!

  7. Hi Invicta! I looked at the Touratech kit – as you can see from the pic, I’ve got a few of their gnarly parts – but the Mules are much easier to take on and off than the Touratech boxes, I can see myself using one as a seat when I’m camping.And yes – the bag is a PITA, hope your spare still has my name on it, SI 🙂

  8. Oh absolutely.A quick check at the weekend turned up the following items, which were previously Ebay-fodder but will now be offered to you at astonishingly reasonable rates…1 * Touratech R1200GS Oversized Sidestand foot, designed to stop the sidestand sinking into the dirt when you park it on the loose…1 * Touratech (I think) R1200GS Handlebar bag, that goes across the crossbar on the bars and has a hole in for the lead to Ipod earphones. Personally, I used it to stash earplugs and visor cleaner.1 * BMW R1200GS tankbag and mount.1 * Touratech R1200GS keyring multi-tool, with widget for removing the oil filler cap and another for dealing with jammed screen adjusters.Also available: One pair, pannier inner bags designed for BMW luggage, and a pair of Adventure head protectors…

  9. Hey Mr Silicon ImplantI might be interested in the “pannier inner bags” as I have sensible BMW luggage!

  10. Aha! Well, one of them (the smaller one from the exhaust side) is fairly pristine, seeing as it contained things like my toolkit, hi viz vest, spare visor, spare gloves, and so wasn’t overfilled and mostly stayed on the bike. The other is tatty, with some stitching having burst – it was generally stuffed full of clothes etc and came on and off the bike every time I stopped when I used it, so it could use a little TLC… however, it works, and BMW prices being what they are, it’ll represent a bargain. Like the panniers, these bags are expandable via a second zip so they work with the BMW panniers in either closed or open configuration… Make me an offer based on some sensible fraction of list price and they are all yours. Do you need a set of Aluminium cylinder head protectors as well?Whereabouts in the country are you, anyway…

  11. Mr Silicon ImplantI have tried to email you!Highwaylass – what is your marketplace commision rate ?

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