Highways Agency Advice to Drivers in Forecast for High Winds, Heavy Rain and Snow Wednesday 30 January – Saturday 2 February

Drivers are being advised to take extra care on the roads and to check the weather forecast, and road conditions, before they travel as the Met Office is forecasting spells of wet and windy weather across many parts of England, followed by much colder conditions.

Strong winds, with gusts of up to 60 mph, are expected over many parts of England tonight (Wednesday 30 January), continuing through Thursday. The wind will also bring some heavy outbreaks of rain.

Take a guess as to what I’m doing between now and Saturday? Taking a leaf out of Frank Melling’s book, I decided I would give the train a miss and head out to the next couple of work commitments, in Birmingham and Cirencester, on two wheels. Find a bit of peace, escape the mobile, get some practice in before my next IAM ride…

…good job I went to the army surplus on Sunday and picked up a pair of ex-Para boots, which their previous owner has waxed and polished into impermeability, as I’m still waiting for my replacement SIDI’s to arrive.

As an old biddy in Leeds market said to her friend, as they compared the aches and pains of old age:- “Oh well – it lets you know you’re alive.”


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One response to “I said, it ISN’T FUNNY ANY MORE

  1. Stone the crows….ex-para boots??? Whatever happened to the Alt Bergs? Andrew English waxed lyrical about them in last Saturday’s DT!

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