To sleep, perchance to dream…

I need to work harder on my “homeless and helpless” appeal. Falling asleep in my spindly function-room chair after Club Night, I finally levered myself into my jacket only to find the rain was blowing horizontally across the car park.

My appeal for help was met, not with the offer of a sofa and some spare bedding (wouldn’t have had to have been 200-count Egyptian cotton, I’m so tired a dog blanket would have done) but with cups of coffee and robust advice.

I felt quite smug dodging the giant lake on the edge of the roundabout but had to brake sharpish to avoid the bumper that someone had kindly laid across the dry ground. So I ploughed through the next huge puddle – Ruby is an all-weather bike, after all – but forgot that tonight I am mostly wearing AlpineStars ankle boots.

Nothing like a couple of pints of freezing rainwater sloshing round your toes to wake you up! They probably heard me squealing back at the clubhouse…


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