Bagged up and ready

It was almost a sunny day today so there were no more excuses for putting off wrestling with the Baglux harness.

Armed with photos and instructions, toolkit, hot boiler cupboard, tea towel, G & D’s thermos mug full of coffee and some Mer miracle polish, I can report that Ruby is now safely strapped up and ready to hit the road.

Big thanks to Melvina at Baglux for sending me some GS-specific instructions, and to talonfs from UKGS’, who took photos of his GS so I could see where the straps were supposed to attach. The secret, it turned out, lies in removing the side panels first.

There are two morals in this story:-

The first is, ask for help sooner rather than later .

The second is, sometimes life is easier if you take your kit off 😉



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2 responses to “Bagged up and ready

  1. Happy New Doodah, ToD. The morals of your story are wise indeed. Although the wind-chill in the norf right now means that thoughts of kits off brings tears to the eyes…

  2. Happy 2008! It’s not called the frozen north for nothing…

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