Oh dear

It seems I have bought a lifestyle after all.

“Thank you for purchasing a BMW motorcycle.

Being a BMW motorcycle owner means that you have access to a lifetyle on two wheels that no other motor manufacturer can offer.”



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4 responses to “Oh dear

  1. You should be so lucky!I bought my Beemer from < HREF="http://suemerry.blogspot.com/" REL="nofollow">Sue Merry<>, a faith he(e/a)ler (nothing to do with cobbling old boots it seems).

  2. Congratulations on your new lifestyle. I like the way they had to tell you about it though. “You’ve bought into a new lifestyle…” “Had I? Goodness me! And there was I thinking I’d merely purchased a motorcycle…”Truly, you are blessed.

  3. Anonymous

    And with this life style comes….? do tell when you find out, I have had Beemers for 15 years ….oh my goodness I have been brainwashed !

  4. Nikos – the GS is very tranquil to ride, maybe Sue’s influence extends to the whole herd 🙂Hi Erudite, I am quite cross about it because I already have a lifestyle! Maybe that’s why the bikes are so expensive…!**waves to anonymous** Apparently my new lifestyle includes worldwide Tours, OffRoad Skills courses and Direct Access. Which is confusing because I would be a bit of a muppet buying a 1200cc bike if I hadn’t got my licence yet. Also, they promise “RoSPA level training.” Presumably this means the bike will refuse to participate in any IAM training.

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