Meet Ruby Thursday

Proving Haylock’s First Law of Meterology, this was the view from the kitchen window this morning. Last Thursday, when I wasn’t collecting a brand new motorcycle, was bright and sunny. The universe doesn’t like to allow us too much fun in any one particular day.

BMW also like to torture you by making you fill out innumberable forms in triplicate while sitting next to the shiny bike you are buying but not yet allowed to play with . The free coffee doesn’t really compensate for the mental torture. Reading the small print after signing (oops) I am a little peturbed to find that I have agreed to keep the bike clean. Given a choice between riding and polishing, there’s only ever going to be one answer…

Buying some gnarly parts (extra spotlights at the front – truly magnificent, lit up every piece of hi-viz for miles) meant that panniers have had to wait for another pay day, but I am rapidly changing my mind on this after breaking the habit of a lifetime and riding home with my work gear stuffed in a rucksack. Hate it. Can’t move on the bike properly, the straps flap about and it makes my back hurt. Maybe I can sell a kidney on ebay or something…

Anyway – here she is. Being something of a diva she wanted to pose at Ally Pally in the hope of being talent-spotted by the BBC and signed up to the next Charley Boorman adventure. The fact that it was dark made no difference.


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  1. Great picture HWL. Looking forward to meeting Ruby sometime.

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