Commuter Triumph

I have many weaknesses, chief among them the inability to resist temptation. This morning, on the way to work, I was failing to resist the temptation to devote the part of my brain left over from plotting the likely trajectory of the catering van, the black cab, the bus and the cyclist at the lights, and counting down from red to rednamber so I could stuff them all up the outside on the green (I’m sure there’s a technical term for it..) to mentally taunting the fumbling filtering of a Fazer in my mirrors. He was either travelling with the Range Rover in front of him, or was so interested in reading an article in The Economist over the passenger’s shoulder that he couldn’t bring himself to overtake despite numerous opportunities. I carried on carving up the early-morning traffic, using the Lane of Least Resistance, and my newly-acquired No-foot-down Ninja Traffic Light Balancing technique, and in the end he did catch up. I was a bit surprised to note his muffs and his courier vest.

Either I woke up this morning with a death wish, or I’m better at the rat race than I used to be…


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  1. I used to love those bike commutes when it all just worked, as if traffic lights were only ever green and a snarled up road seemed like an open invitation. And I reckon I’d have been a little surprised by his muffs, too.

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