And the winner is…..(maybe!)

“I’m emailing you on behalf of DVLA Personalised Registrations Bike Vistas II, the on-line photographic competition you entered earlier this year.

First, I would like to say the response to this year’s competition has been phenomenal with the caliber of images totally stunning. I am pleased to inform you your entry has been short listed for the final judging panel so congratulations. We will inform you in due course of the final voting!

Could you please contact me to discuss further.

Kind regards”

How exciting!!



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2 responses to “And the winner is…..(maybe!)

  1. Clarky51

    Surfed in here after replying toyour e mail. Well done on this. I discovered the Vista site a while back but never got around to posting a pic. Like most of us i suspect I too have a collection of pictures of the bike with different backgrounds!Good luck in the final.Graham

  2. Hi Clarky! Thanks for stopping in – keep your fingers crossed for me, the grand prize is for the bike to be photographed by Chippy Wood, the guy that does all the shots for <>Bike<> – that would be fantastic 🙂

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