Care to Join Me?

The Telegraph has opened nominations for its Great Britons contest – suggestions in the sports category include Jonny Wilkinson and Lewis Hamilton.

I’ve nominated James Toseland, on the grounds that he is one British sportsman who acutally won his World Championship. Though the Great British Public could be forgiven for not realising…

If you’d like to follow suit, then follow this link.



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3 responses to “Care to Join Me?

  1. I could’nt find out how to vote for Charley Boorman…-;)The look on his face was priceless when Euan announced that his wife wanted to tag along on their boys only outing!

  2. I’m with Charley on this one! She hates bikes, she can’t ride, but she wants to gatecrash the party? Does she just not trust Ewan if she can’t see him?

  3. She appears to be a very irritating person! Ted Simon’s Chilean “bird” at least smiled and was happy to ride pillion!

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