Happy Birthday!

This is my dad. Behind him, in a few years they will start building Hunterston A. He’s going to be 75 on Sunday. He has a full bike licence but too much sense (and too little flexibility in his bones) to go back out on his own after a 50-year lay-off. But I have caught him sitting on my bike in the garage, looking a bit wistful.

So for his birthday I’ve bought him a 2 hour pillion ride round the best-looking parts of the North-East. Climbing aboard a low-rise cruiser should be a bit easier than mountaineering up the flanks of a BMW 1150GS – and if not, maybe they’ll have a set of stepladders for the flexibly-challenged.



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3 responses to “Happy Birthday!

  1. Cripes, I can almost see an RBR control card behind your dear Dad! Happy Birthday to him (p.s. next year book him a flight in a Tiger Moth – it’s more of a challenge to keep the breakfast down in one of those)

  2. Control card probably left there by Jim… !

  3. Happy birthday, Sheila’s Dad! I think the scooter slightly pre dated my first powered two – wheeled machine, by a couple of years. I confess to starting out on a Lambretta TV175…a potent -ahem, sorry, – scooter by contemporary standards but still a scooter. Three months later it was replaced by a Triumph 350…NOT the most potent of bikes by any standard! Those were the days.

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