License with your leather jacket, madam?

…or, I bought a motorbike not just a biker jacket.

According to Becky Davies, writing in the Evening Standard, and Lucretia Munro in the Daily Mail the biker jacket is the hottest fashion item this autumn..“Elle Macpherson, Lily Cole and Natalia Vodianova have all been seen out in London wearing leather jackets. The mild autumn has also made it the coat of choice for Madonna, Sienna Miller and Amy Winehouse.”

Now, I could be bang on trend here with my very own vintage leather jacket, which is complete with a diverse range of enamel badges on the collar (as modelled here by Agyness Dean), and road scars from my trip down the tarmac in Oxford (I was terribly distracted during a right turn by a well-built cyclist – proving that when your mind is in the gutter it’s never a good idea to allow your front wheel to follow) were it not for two unfortunate things. I bought it in 1990, so it has fringes. And its first outing was to see Aerosmith at the Marquee, where 90 minutes in the mosh pit caused the fringes to get soaked in the sweat of a heaving mass of Joe Perry fans and then dry curly.

But it kept me safe(ish) until I could upgrade to a Crowtree jacket. Haven’t seen Kate Moss in one of those yet, but it could just be a matter of time.



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4 responses to “License with your leather jacket, madam?

  1. ..must have been a Rhodes scholar that took your fancy in Oxford….

  2. There was nothing intellectual about it 😉

  3. With motorcycle leather jacket we can make our ride safe, comfortable and day by day its giving many new facilities to make our drive easier.

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