Six Points

The Round Britain Rally has undergone a bizarre transformation this year. From being a solitary occupation undertaken in stoic British fashion, wearing a Sam Browne belt, Thermos strapped to the forks of a historic Spagforth Lightning, hard-boiled egg and twist of salt in Belstaff pocket ready to eat at the landmark reached nearest dinnertime, with the only occasion to swop war stories being the awards dinner in February, it’s suddenly become a social extravaganza. There’s been mass-ride-ins (any excuse will do – first day of the rally; last day to get photos to Dave the Disorganiser); team bagging; even the dangerous precedent of RBR camping.

The outcome of this hazardous socialising is that in 2008 there’s going to be an RBR splinter group doing “The Six Points“. New to me, but apparently well known, ‘Six Points’ isn’t what happens if you’re a bit slow renewing your insurance, it’s a trip round Lands End, The Lizard, The Ness at Lowestoft, Ardnamurchan Point, Dunnet Head and John’o’Groats. 2300 miles at 350 miles a day – about twice as far as this year’s Scotland trip. I’m signed up as one of the motley crew. Judging from the email circulation list, there’s not going to be a big queue at the ladies’ shower block, and just so that everyone knows, I’m putting it on record now that there’s no point looking at me to do the cooking or the washing up. I’ll sort the googlemaps and the mobile blog….


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