Chin up; look ahead

Learning new stuff is great. I’ve learnt how to play You are my sunshine on the C harmonica. I’ve learnt how to make animated gifs for LiveJournal. Hell, I even learnt how to turn my mobile phone into a bluetooth-enabled modem so I could surf the internet from the bus. And what do all these things have in common? Yes – like the moose in Fawlty Towers, I learnt them from a book. And the book doesn’t notice when I get it heinously wrong. I know not to overtake through junctions. I tell other people not to do it when I’m in a car with them. I haven’t done it for years. Until about 11.35 this morning, when I did it in front of my IAM observer. And worse than that, didn’t even notice the junction until he pointed out over coffee and a doughnut. The presence of the doughnut should have warned me that it wasn’t going to be good.

So – on the bright side, the sun shone, it was a very good doughnut, and we stopped at the excellent Raceways Motorcycles who sorted my heavy throttle with a two-minute application of a pair of cable cutters, and agreed that no, I wasn’t going mad, my front wheel is pointing in the wrong direction – because my forks are twisted. Makes me wonder what exactly The Garage That We Won’t Name (in this post at least!) did to earn the £200 they stung me for to “supply, fit and balance” the new tyres.

However, to restore balance to the universe, in addition to the muppet overtake, in this week’s numpty column we must add going in the wrong direction at the roundabout (again); riding in the out at the garden centre (and going the wrong way round the Tesco car park, but there are advantages to being the first one there…); and undoing the good impression gained by avoiding the manhole covers by riding straight over the roadkill.

So…more practice is clearly essential. Damn shame 🙂

(Hope the sun shines a bit longer, though)


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