QotD: Blog Action Day – The Environment

Today is Blog Action Day!  Take action by posting about the environment in your own way.

Leather can be Green as well as Black.

There's a growing lobby, fuelled as ever by the cyclists (why can't we all just get along?!) arguing that motorcycles are dirty, smelly and polluting, and have no place as a solution to congestion. In making this argument cyclists overlook the fact that the average UK commute is 8.5 miles – now I don't know about you, but I'd say that's a pretty hefty cycle, but a pretty comfortable distance to take a motorcycle. The Transport Select Committee cited these concerns as a reason to look into power limits. Thankfully, the Government's response was robust, pointing out that the figures the Committee cited were very out of date – coincidentally or otherwise, they cited figures from 2002, just before mandatory European standards on pollutants came into force – and painted an unduly pessimistic picture. It's also essential to look at real-world performance of bikes on the road – fair enough, a big bike and a smallish car may, in an ideal world, achieve similar mpg – but in the world in which we live and travel, the car's going to spend a lot longer than the bike stuck in queues and burning that fuel without achieveing forward progress. Meanwhile, the biker, like Chairman Mao's guerilla, has slid like a fish through the behemoths and scarpered over the horizon.

Millions of plankton gave their lives to make a litre of petrol. We owe it to them not to waste it sitting in a queue but to burn it in the most beautful, elegant form of transport devised by humanity.

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