Long Way Down

Ewan and Charlie on Jonathan Ross last night to plug Long Way Down – great double act as ever but they should have had Claudio the cameraman on too, he was the secret star of Long Way Round, riding rings around the stars on his tiny mongolian trailie.

I’m looking forward to the series on BBC2 but I can’t believe they did the trip without a huge amount of help. Surely no-one can get through Sudan from top to bottom at the moment?

Charlie said that everyone in Africa was friendly and welcoming. I think that was just him – I have a secret crush on Mr Boorman, he seems to be one of those people who just loves other people and thrives on company. Unless he’s camping, when he seems to get a bit tetchy. I hope he’s doing some more tours of BMW dealerships – I saw his Long Way Round show at BMW Park Lane and he was great.



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4 responses to “Long Way Down

  1. I think Charley can ride a motorcycle too!I can’t find details about transmission time?

  2. Anonymous

    BBC2 Sunday 28th October…. 9:00pmvisit :- http://www.longwaydown.com/

  3. Anonymous

    SBW Motorrad always book Charley…. if there is a “Long Way Down show” then SBW in Hertford will have it for sure to support thier local charity.

  4. Stick me on the mailing list for a ticket 🙂

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