Not so much a helmet, more a numpty hat.

First ride-out with my IAM observer this morning. Went well – within two roundabouts I'd got confused about which exit counted as "straight on" and lost him.  The second section started with me leaving my left-hand indicator on for half a mile or so. The third section included me landing with both wheels in the mother of all potholes and turning my vertebrae to powder.  On the plus side, I have scored 5 for "Progress: Other Areas" which means I have no fear on rural roads and dual carriageways; and I scraped a 3 for "Restraint" by giving a big cheery wave to the person that stopped at the traffic  calming chicane.  That leaves me with 16 other "attributes" to master. We could be at this for some time…

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3 responses to “Not so much a helmet, more a numpty hat.

  1. and they'll have you traversing back and forth across the carriageway like Mallory on steroids to gain the best possible sight line under all circumstances.

  2. you are so right – over to the verge, over to the line, over to the verge again…..I thought the idea was to MOVE FORWARD!!

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