QotD: Drivin’ & Talkin’

Should driving while talking on a cell phone be outlawed? 
Submitted by Soup.  

Yes. When I get cut up at junctions or roundabouts it's pretty much guaranteed that the guilty cager is yakking on the phone. PUT IT DOWN AND PAY ATTENTION!!

Check out Virginia Tech's 100 car study: "Inattention to the forward roadway was found as the primary contributing factor in most crashes … Driver inattention includes such things as drivers eating, writing, conversing with a passenger or looking away from the forward roadway at rear-view mirrors, objects in the vehicle or objects outside….The use of hand-held wireless devices was associated with the highest frequency of secondary task distraction-related events, and was among the highest frequencies for crashes." 

Using a hand-held phone while driving is banned in the UK. Not that anyone seems to pay any attention…..

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One response to “QotD: Drivin’ & Talkin’

  1. There are plenty of Shut Up and Drive tshirts around these parts. Like "Talk or Drive. Pick One."

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