Vox Hunt: This One’s For The Kids

Books:  Show us a great children's book.

To call it a children's book might be being rude -  everyone should read it.

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One response to “Vox Hunt: This One’s For The Kids

  1. I'll take a look. I've always enjoyed the Young Wizard series by Diane Duane. Deep Wizardry gets a little too serious for kids (I think), dealing with issues of death and self-sacrifice, but it's a good series in general.For slightly older audiences, there's my favorite: The Phantom Toolbooth (guaranteed or your wasted time will be refunded). It's the advantures of a boy named Milo and his new friend Tock who is a large dog with a clock embedded in his side as they face down the impending war between Dictionopolis and Numerolopolis, then head up into the Mountains of Ignorance to rescue the twin princesses — rhyme and reason. It's all puns on language, most of them very clever.

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